‘Be Active’ and win prizes

Don’t forget about The Centre’s “Be Active” card promotion, sponsored by Westfields Hospital and the New Richmond Clinic.

Tate Wheeler, who coordinates the effort, sends out a weekly tip to those who are participating. Families and individuals pick up a card with 16 activities listed in a sort of Bingo card format. If they complete all 16 (which is simple to accomplish) their names are placed in a drawing for great prizes. If they complete a few of the squares, their names are placed in a different drawing.

It’s all an effort to get people out and active, in various ways.

Here’s this week’s email from Tate:

“You still have just over two weeks (until July 15th) to finish up your Be Active Card and drop it off at The Centre for a chance to win great prizes! Remember that if you complete at least four squares you are still entered in to win prizes….we know you all can do that! If you complete the entire card you will be eligible for the $100 Sports Authority Gift Card!

“Here is your health tip:

“People always ask me how they can stay healthy. Most of them are good at trying a new workout routine or diet for a couple weeks or months but then they get busy, sick, bored, lazy, tired, sad, etc. The list could go on and on.

“If you want to have long term success it’s a lifestyle change. Trust me, it’s not about being perfect. You have to have small wins and make an effort EVERY DAY. If you do, you will start to develop some healthy habits that can change your life! You have to be persistent and make a commitment to stick with it. DON’T QUIT!

“I’ll conclude with the 3 C’s of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes……..You must make a Choice, to take a Chance, or your life will never Change!

“I know you can do it! Start with a small win today!

“If you have any questions regarding the Be Active Challenge please feel free to contact us at: vitality@nracentre.com”