Wednesday is National Walking Day!

In celebration of National Walking Day, the American Heart Association is encouraging people across Wisconsin to get fit and have fun by launching “Show Us Your Moves.”

The month-long Instagram promotion encourages everyone to submit photos of your favorite fun physical activity – dancing, roller skating, walking with friends, gardening – you name it!

Selected photos will be featured each week on and various American Heart Association social media pages. By sharing pictures of your physical activity on Instagram with the hashtag #mymoves, you can help spread the notion that exercise can be fun.

On National Walking Day (Wednesday, April 3), a day where hundreds of thousands across the nation take steps to improve their health, Americans are encouraged to spend at least 30 minutes of their day briskly walking.

Physical activity is critical to being healthy, but less than 50 percent of adults get enough daily exercise. Adults need at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week to see the health benefits of physical activity such as lower blood pressure, improved bone health, weight maintenance after weight loss, better sleep, and more energy. With “Show Us Your Moves,” the American Heart Association hopes people will continue to make physical activity a priority beyond National Walking Day and find the fun in being fit.

“As an organization we are constantly promoting walking as a great way to get regular exercise through our Heart Walks, Walking Paths, and Walking Clubs. Walking for as little as 30 minutes a day will improve circulation, lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and help promote weight loss, thereby improving overall cardiovascular health,” said Dr. Kenneth Phillips, Jr., AHA Board President and Cardiologist at Aurora Advanced Healthcare. “We know many people find other forms of exercise just as enjoyable and beneficial to their health, be that biking, jogging, yoga, swimming, kayaking, etc. The ‘Show Us Your Moves’ promotion will be a great way to inform consumers of the many different ways to get their 30 minutes a day and hopefully encourage others to start exercising. ”

For more information on “Show Us Your Moves,” visit to see promotion rules and directions.

To find an American Heart Association Heart Walk in your area and to access healthy living resources including information about getting active and eating healthy, visit My Heart. My Life.