Be active; win prizes

Tate Wheeler with the New Richmond Area Centre sent out a reminder about being active. He also reminded everyone that there is time to fill out the “Be Active” bingo-like card and win prizes. Following is his reminder:

“Can you believe it’s March already?!? I know it’s doesn’t look like it when you glance outside, but spring is almost here! Remember that you still have 10 days to complete your Be Active Card and your chance to win great prizes! You can turn your card in anytime before March 23rd to be eligible to win!

“Here is your health tip:

“Always find ways to stay motivated!

“Do you ever lose motivation to keep exercising? Your answer is probably yes. All of us lose motivation from time to time and some of us more often than others.

“Here are ways you can stay motivated:
1. Find a workout partner – find a co-worker, friend, sibling, or spouse to be your workout partner. When you have someone that can help hold you accountable you will stick with it. There are going to be days you don’t want to exercise and those are the days it’s key to have someone to meet for a workout. You will inevitably return the favor a few days or weeks later.

2. Find an activity you enjoy – if you really like to bike then find a group to ride with. There are plenty of riding groups in the area. If you really like to walk or run then the same thing applies. There’s the Running Club in town and walking groups as well. Same applies for swimming groups, group fitness classes, basketball, tennis, Frisbee, pickle ball, golf (no carts), and more. No matter what you enjoy doing there is a group for you. If you need information on how to get connected with a group then please let me know.

3. Sign yourself up for a new challenge – whether it’s a walk, bike, swim, 5K, Warrior Dash®, Tough Mudder®, Triathlon, or League. Find something that you have to invest some time and money into. If you make a financial commitment and/or commit to a team you will hold yourself accountable.

4. Hire a personal trainer or health coach to assist you in getting motivated – if you need a kick in the butt then a personal trainer is a great way to do it. Having a qualified individual that can take you through an effective program to get you results is going to keep you motivated.

Remember that Actions>Words.

“A year from now you will wish you had started today.” – Karen Lamb