‘Be Active’ cards due by Dec. 15

Tate Wheeler at The Centre in New Richmond offers these tips about staying healthy during the holidays. And he reminds us to hand in those ‘Be Active’ cards starting Saturday:


“Here are a few tips on how you can stay on track this holiday season:

— Too many people put on an extra 5-10 pounds during the holiday season……set a goal for yourself to maintain your current weight through the holidays.

— Watch your portion sizes and use smaller plates at holiday parties or gatherings.

— Eat a healthy snack prior to heading out to a buffet style party.

— Remember that alcoholic beverages contain calories too and they can add up quickly.  Remember to moderate your alcohol intake.

— Focus on healthy holiday cooking.

— Plan time for exercise. Daily exercise will assist you in offsetting holiday eating and excess calories.

Remember that the current Be Active Challenge (Card 2) ends on Saturday.

Turn in a full or partially completed card at the Centre anytime between now and Dec. 15 for your chance to win great prizes. Everyone that turns in a completed card will also receive a prize right away.

Be Active Card 3 will come out in January. If you have ideas of activities to include one the next Be Active Card please e-mail them to: vitality@nracentre.com.”