Make time for better health

Tate Wheeler with The New Richmond Area Centre has issued another health tip for those participating in the “Be Active” challenge promoted by the Vitality Initiative. If you’d like to participate, pick up a card at The Centre.

Here’s the tip: 

“The most common excuse I get from people about why they are not exercising is? Yes, you guessed it, “I don’t have enough time.”

“Here is a quote I included on Be Active Card 2:  “Exercising is not about having time, it’s about making time.”  I realize that is easier said than done so here are some additional tips to make exercising a part of your daily routine:

“1) Put it in your calendar and/or on your smart phone.  By seeing it scheduled in your day you can prioritize and prepare to make this part of your routine.

“2) You all invest your “time” in a number of things on a regular basis.  Don’t put your health on that back burner… needs to be one of your top, if not the top priority.

“3) Exercise before work… will not believe how much better you feel when you start your day with a good workout.  If that doesn’t work for you try it on a lunch break.  If that doesn’t work for you try it right after you leave work.  If you go home you’ll find lots of excuses or “things” that keep you from exercising.

“4) Don’t think that you need an hour to exercise, you can have a great workout in 10-15 minutes if you increase your intensity.

“5) Something is always better than nothing…..get yourself started with 5-10 minutes a day and build up from there!

“The moral of the story being…..make exercising a priority.  Do something today that your future self will thank you for!”