Keep it fun!

Here’s another tip from Tate Wheeler at The Centre in New Richmond, and don’t forget to turn in your “Be Active” cards — whether they’re completely filled out or not:

“One of the common reasons people stop short of their fitness goals is they get bored or sick of doing the same things.  To avoid this from happening to you, change it up!

“Try a new group exercise class, use the pool, go hiking, or take a dance lesson.  By changing it up or cross training, you will keep things exciting and maybe even find your favorite form of exercise.  Finding activities you enjoy will greatly increase your chances of sticking with it.  If you stick with it, you will get results, and that is what we are all after! 

“We have many new people on the e-mail this week that just turned in their Be Active Cards.  We’ll be drawing for prizes toward the middle of the month. We want to give more people a chance to turn in their cards.

“If you haven’t turned in your cards yet, please drop them at the front desk of the Centre.  Remember if you have the card completely filled you also get a free pedometer.

“Until next week…..Be Active!”