Gaining weight while at work

We are less active in the workplace, and that fact is contributing to the declining health and wellbeing of Americans.

A recent study indicates that just 20 percent of the current jobs that people do require moderate physical activity to accomplish. That compares poorly with the 1960s, when 50 percent of all jobs required moderate physical activity or more.

So, 80 percent of workers today are in jobs that are sedentary or require very light activity.

According to the research, the shift toward a less active workplace translates to an average decline of about 120 – 140 calories a day in physical activity.

Researchers say that today’s employers can help the situation by promoting workplace health initiatives that increase physical activity.

According to the recent research, employers have many options that they can institute. They can support walking programs, provide incentives to use public transportation, install software on computers that remind employees to take a walk after 30 minutes of sitting and redesign offices to encourage more physical activity.

Of course, it’s up to you (the employee) to actually do something about the situation too. Maybe it’s time to get up and move around a bit??

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